Blunt knives are unsafe!

You ask why?

The answer is simple, a sharp knife will cut through the skin of, say a tomato easily, where as a blunt knife can slip off and, with the added pressure to cut with a blunt knife, the chances of a finger injury are substantially increased.

Where I am doing residential knives …

Swane's Nurseries

Carlingford Garden Centre
237 Marsden Road, Carlingford

  • Saturday, 1st April
  • Saturday, 6th May
  • Saturday, 3rd June
  • Saturday, 1st July
  • Saturday, 5th August
  • Saturday, 2nd September
  • Saturday, 7th October
  • Saturday, 4th November
  • Saturday, 2nd December

Dural Garden Centre
490 Galston Road, Dural

  • Saturday, 15th April
  • Saturday, 20th May
  • Saturday, 17th June
  • Saturday, 15th July
  • Saturday, 19th August
  • Saturday, 16th September
  • Saturday, 21st October
  • Saturday, 18th November
  • Saturday, 16th December

Castle Hill Farmers & Fine Food Market

Castle Hill Showground, Castle Hill
enter via Carrington Road
Photo Gallery: Terry sharpening knives at Hawkesbury Harvest

  • 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month, 8:00am – noon

So what to do

Wrap your items in some newspaper then put them into a green bag along with a note as to how many items are there plus your name and phone number, then drop them off to my home for sharpening. Or you can use the Postal Service.

Terry the Knife Guy
23 Preston Road
Old Toongabbie NSW 2146

Items that can be sharpened

Kitchen knives, scissors (both plain and pinking), garden tools (axes, hedge clippers, rose secateurs, petrol hedge cutters), chisels; if not listed feel free to enquire.

Prices - residential

  • kitchen knives $6 each—other knives to be quoted
  • ceramic knife sharpening $10 each
  • scissors, axes, chain saw blades & hedge clippers start at $10
  • broken tipped knives and chipped knives maybe repaired also for an extra fee
  • prices subject to change
**Hospitality, Butchers and all other Trade Enquiries; please contact Terry for a quote**

Household knife sharpening

Everyone needs sharp, safe knives. For a home visit to sharpen your knives, minimum charge is $70 for 1-8 knives.

Contact Terry for more information, quotes or to place an order.